Cold Prey 3

Director: Mikkel Brænne Sandemose

Actors: Ida Marie Bakkerud, Julie Rusti, Kim S. Falck-Jørgensen, Pål Stokka, Arthur Berning, Sturla Rui, Terje Ranes, Nils Johnson, Endre Hellestveit, Dennis Nilsen Nystrøm, Hallvard Holmen, Trine Wiggen

Production: Fantefilm, Film i Väst

Genres: Drama, Horror, Mystery

Country: Norway

Release Year: 2010

Duration: 95 min

Total viewed: 0

Synopsis: In 1976, in Jotunheimen, an abused boy stabs to death his mother Sigrid and his stepfather Gunnar in an abandoned hotel and the family is considered missing by the local Sheriff Einar and authorities. Twelve years later, the teenagers Hedda and her boyfriend Anders, Siri, Knut, Magne and Simen take a lift with Sheriff Einar telling that they will hike in the woods. However they go to the abandoned hotel expecting to spend the night in the place but they find dust and rats and prefer to stay camping in the woods. In the morning, Siri and Knut fall into a trap of the eremite hunter Jon and Knut is seriously wounded. Siri climbs the hole to seek for help to Knut, but she is captured by Jon while a stranger kills Knut. Soon the teenagers are hunted down by the creepy serial-killer.

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